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Online educational videos boost cancer knowledge

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Online health videos can be an important source of cancer education, according to Rutgers researchers. Their review, published in the Journal of Cancer Education, analyzed existing research to see how people obtained their cancer knowledge and how educational videos they watched prompted a change in their …

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Unboxing videos fueling kids’ tantrums, breeding consumerism

Harsha Gangadharbatla and his daughter Aryahi sit with the toy she discovered through an “unboxing video” online. Credit: Credit: Kimberly Coffin/CU Boulder “Tis the season for tantrums in the toy aisles and impossibly long Santa lists. But for parents wishing to shield their children from the clutches of consumerism, shutting off …

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Engaging educational videos elicit similar brain activity in students

Illustration of the video watching procedure. Credit: Zhu et al., eNeuro 2019 The most engaging educational videos are correlated with similar brain activity across learners, according to research in young adults recently published in eNeuro. Yi Hu and colleagues at East China Normal University showed university students two-minute introduction clips …

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