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‘Super-grafts’ that could treat diabetes

Left: a standard Langerhans islet, and right: a “super islet”.  Insulin cells (beta cells) are in blue and glucagon cells (alpha cells) in red; the «super-islet» has, in addition, amniotic epithelial cells, in green. © UNIGE To save patients with a severe form of type 1 diabetes (characterized by the absence …

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A kinase identified as possible target to treat heart failure

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An unexplored kinase in heart muscle cells may be a good target to treat heart failure, a disease that is only incrementally delayed by existing therapies. Failing human hearts showed reduced amounts of this kinase, and preclinical experiments showed that restoring the amount of this kinase …

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Could mathematics help to better treat cancer?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The development and survival of living beings are linked to the ability of their cells to perceive and respond correctly to their environment. To do this, cells communicate through chemical signal systems, called signalling pathways, which regulate and coordinate cellular activity. However, impaired information processing may …

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Drug that blocks blood vessel growth could treat rare sarcomas

Image: Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma. Credit: Michael Bonert. Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0 An experimental targeted drug could treat a rare type of cancer usually affecting the limbs, a clinical trial led by The Institute of Cancer Research, London, has shown. The important trial could lead to a much-needed new treatment for …

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Short-term probiotics regimen may help treat gout, kidney disease

Gout in X-ray of left foot. Credit: Hellerhoff/Wikipedia. New research suggests that an individualized probiotic therapy regimen may improve symptoms of gout, gout-related kidney disease and other signs of metabolic syndrome. The study will be presented today at the American Physiological Society (APS) Aldosterone and ENaC in Health and Disease: …

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