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Smart algorithm finds possible future treatment for childhood cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Using a computer algorithm, scientists at Uppsala University have identified a promising new treatment for neuroblastoma. This form of cancer in children, which occurs in specialized nerve cells in the sympathetic nervous system, may be life-threatening. In the long term the discovery, described in the latest …

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Smart knee bandage for relief of arthrosis patients

Mobile sensors measure the movement of the knee joint. These values serve as training data for machine learning algorithms to estimate the strain of the knee joint. Credit: IfSS “Anthrokinemat,” a smart knee bandage, is intended to support arthrosis patients in determining the right amount of daily exercise. All relevant …

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Can ‘smart toilets’ be the next health data wellspring?

Graphic illustrates how an integrated “smart toilet” system might work as a real-time method of monitoring health. While the application may be years away, proof of principle is being developed in the lab of Professor Joshua Coon. Credit: Dasom (Somi) Hwang, Joshua Coon Lab at the UW-Madison Department of Biomolecular …

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Pioneering new ‘smart needle’ could revolutionize cancer diagnosis

Prototype Raman ‘smart needle’ probe. Credit: University of Exeter Scientists have developed a pioneering new technique that can detect and diagnose one of the most common types of cancer within seconds—using light. A multidisciplinary team of experts has developed a ground-breaking ‘smart needle’ probe that uses light to pinpoint cancerous …

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Truly smart homes could help dementia patients live independently

Credit: PixOfPop/Shutterstock You might already have what’s often called a “smart home,” with your lights or music connected to voice-controlled technology such as Alexa or Siri. But when researchers talk about smart homes, we usually mean technologies that use artificial intelligence to learn your habits and automatically adjust your home …

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