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Remdesivir prevents MERS coronavirus disease in monkeys

Colorized scanning electron micrograph of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus particles attached to the surface of an infected cell. Credit: NIAID-Frederick The experimental antiviral remdesivir successfully prevented disease in rhesus macaques infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), according to a new study from National Institutes of Health scientists. …

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New drug prevents liver damage, obesity and glucose intolerance in mice on high-fat diet

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Mice given a new drug targeting a key gene involved in lipid and glucose metabolism could tolerate a high-fat diet regimen (composed of 60% fat from lard) without developing significant liver damage, becoming obese, or disrupting their body’s glucose balance. The study by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive …

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New drug target prevents deadly transmission

Mosquito that transmits malaria. Credit: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Australian researchers have found a new drug target for stopping the spread of malaria, after successfully blocking the world’s deadliest malaria parasite—Plasmodium falciparum—from completing the ‘transmission stage’ of its lifecycle. Using small molecule inhibitors developed at the …

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Potential vaccine treats and prevents deadly streptococcal toxic shock

Streptococcus bacteria. Credit: Griffith University A new vaccine developed by Griffith University Institute for Glycomics researchers has the potential to treat and prevent toxic shock caused by invasive streptococcal disease, which kills more than 160,000 people every year. “Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome is an acute condition like meningococcus—if you get …

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