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New mechanism may safely prevent and reverse obesity

A model depicting AHR-based obesity in liver. Credit: Craig Tomlinson, PhD Obesity, a global epidemic, is a known contributor to several cancers, including breast, colon, and pancreatic. Stopping the obesity epidemic could be a critical aid in preventing and treating numerous cancers. Researchers with the laboratory of Craig Tomlinson, Ph.D., …

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Inuit infants need access to medication to prevent respiratory illness

Healthy, full-term Inuit babies are not eligible for palivizumab even though they have four to 10 times the rate of hospital admission compared to “high-risk” infants. Credit: Philippe Put/flickr, CC BY-SA Inuit infants living in Arctic Canada have some of the highest rates of hospitalization and intensive care unit admission …

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Targeted screening could prevent one in six prostate cancer deaths

Micrograph showing prostatic acinar adenocarcinoma (the most common form of prostate cancer) Credit: Wikipedia Nearly one in six deaths from prostate cancer could be prevented if targeted screening was introduced for men at a higher genetic risk of the disease, according to a new UCL-led computer modelling study. Prostate cancer …

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High burden of STIs in people starting treatment to prevent HIV infection

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) – taking antiretroviral drugs to protect people from acquiring HIV infection—is revolutionising the prevention of HIV around the world. However, a global study led by Monash University in Australia and supported by the World Health Organisation has shown that people who are seeking …

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Pharmacist-led interventions may help prevent cardiovascular disease

Credit: CC0 Public Domain With their expertise in the safe and effective use of medications, pharmacists can help in the management of chronic diseases. A review and analysis published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology indicates that initiatives—such as patient education, medication review, and physical assessments—led by pharmacists can …

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