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Many U.S. parents can’t find a psychiatrist to help their child

(HealthDay)—Despite a growing need for mental health care for children and teens—including a rise in youth suicide—many areas of the United States lack any child psychiatrists, new research reports. The study found that almost three-quarters of American counties don’t have a single child psychiatrist. “There are about 17 million children …

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Dementia patients’ adult kids diagnosed earlier than their parents

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A person’s chance of developing dementia is influenced by family history, variations in certain genes, and medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But less is known about the factors that affect when the first symptoms of forgetfulness and confusion will arise. A new study …

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Many parents not following safe-sleep advice for babies

(HealthDay)—Many U.S. parents are not heeding recommendations on how to put their babies to sleep safely, a new government study finds. Most babies are being placed on their backs to sleep—one of the key ways to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the study found. But relatively …

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Half of parents have declined kids’ play date invites

What parents may ask about before agreeing to a playdate. Credit: C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health at the University of Michigan. The new school year often leads to playdate invitations, sometimes between families who don’t know each other. But parents don’t always agree to such invites, …

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Deaf infants more attuned to parent’s visual cues, study shows

A University of Washington-led study finds that Deaf infants of Deaf parents demonstrate strong gaze-following behavior, which establishes a social connection between parent and child. Credit: Min An Eye gaze helps infants communicate. Through everyday interactions, eye gaze establishes a social connection between parent and child and is linked to …

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