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Discovery reveals mechanism that turns herpes virus on and off

Credit: CC0 Public Domain New research from Dr. Luis M. Schang and his group at the Baker Institute for Animal Health has identified a new mechanism that plays a role in controlling how the herpes virus alternates between dormant and active stages of infection. The herpes virus causes cold sores …

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A mechanism capable of preserving muscle mass

Focus on the CaVbeta1E protein that activates the factor GDF5. This mechanism promotes the prevention of sarcopenia by maintaining the muscle mass and strength of aged mice Credit: France Pietri-Rouxel, Sestina Falcone Skeletal muscle is the most abundant tissue of the human body (about 40%) and it plays essential role …

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Mechanism of beta-cells involved in the development of type-1 diabetes revealed

Lorenzo Pasquali’s Endocrine Regulatory Genomics group. Credit: Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute Researchers Lorenzo Pasquali and Mireia Ramos-Rodríguez have published recently in Nature Genetics the results of a study on the mechanisms that cause an inflammatory response to trigger pancreatic beta-cell death, leading to the onset of Type 1 Diabetes …

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Key mechanism in insulin release by cholesterol metabolite

Albert Salehi. Credit: Sara Liedholm Insulin which is released by pancreatic beta-cells is the main regulator of blood sugar. Previous and current studies by a research group at Lund University in Sweden have identified around hundred different receptors on the surface of the beta-cells, with a diverse functional impact on …

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Research improves understanding of mechanism of atrial fibrillation

A 12 lead ECG showing atrial fibrillation at approximately 150 beats per minute. Credit: James Heilman, MD/Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0 Atrial fibrillation is the most common heart arrhythmia in humans. This condition increases the risk of heart failure, stroke, dementia and death, and current treatments have suboptimal efficacy and carry side …

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a mechanism to control autoimmunity

Credit: CC0 Public Domain B cells are white blood cells that generate antibodies against an almost unlimited number of pathogens, a capacity that is vital for any higher organism. However, establishing a diverse repertoire of pathogen recognition comes at a price, as some B cells will inevitably go wild and …

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