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Researchers developing maps on Zika virus infection risk

Correlative modelling approach for regions with increased Zika infection risk in South America. In addition to the modelled expansion of the two main vector types (Aedes aegypti a1 and Ae. albopictus a2), the model incorporates the average temperature of the warmest quarter (b), the occurrence of the Zika virus (c) …

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Research maps link between air pollution and obesity

An associate professor at the University of North Texas, Amie Lund specializes in investigating how air pollution exposure promotes the progression of inflammatory diseases in the body. She also studies how air pollution can cause disruptions in the blood-brain barrier that has been linked to stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and neurodegenerative …

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Study maps genetics of early progression in tuberculosis

Credit: CC0 Public Domain While the vast majority of the 1.8 billion people infected with the TB bacterium never experience active disease, an estimated 5 to 15 percent do develop full-blown infections—roughly half of them within 18 months of exposure. Why do some people develop overt disease soon after infection, …

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