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Meet the molecule that helps stressed cells decide between life and death

Left to right: Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, Ph.D., a member of the St. Jude Department of Immunology, with postdoctoral fellows Parimal Samir, Ph.D. and Kesavardhana Sannula, Ph.D. The team has identified a molecule that cells use to interpret and respond to stress. Credit: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital St. Jude Children’s Research …

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Child mortality intervention helps close poverty gap in Ghana

Vaccinations in Africa. Credit: istock.com/Sean_Warren Giving people access to nurses in their own communities is reducing the child mortality rate in Ghana, offsetting the health disadvantage amongst poor and uneducated mothers, according to a study in SSM—Population Health. Researchers from the University of Ghana, Columbia University in the US, and …

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More time spent standing helps combat effects of sedentary lifestyle

Some of the researchers who conducted this study. From left to right, Francisco Acosta, Ely Merchan, Jonatan Ruiz, and Francisco Amaro. Credit: University of Granada A study conducted by researchers from the University of Granada (UGR) recommends spending more time standing to increase energy expenditure and combat the negative health …

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Ultrasonography helps differentiate arthritis types

(HealthDay)—Ultrasound is effective for differentiating between the major types of arthritis when combined with a physical exam and patient history, according to a review recently published in The Open Medical Imaging Journal. Homagni Sikha Roy, M.D., of SouthWest Medical University in Luzhou, China, and colleagues analyzed the findings of 52 …

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Addition of growth factors to unique system helps new bone formation

Watercolor painting of endochondral ossification featuring both cartilage and bone. Credit: Joel Boerckel The development of new bone can be a multistep process: first, stem cells differentiate into cartilage cells. Next, the cartilage cells become bone cells. But that’s not all: the cells must experience some mechanical stresses during the …

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In-store marketing helps get kids vaping

(HealthDay)—E-cigarettes are enticing enough to young people with their fruit flavors and slick smoking devices, but new research suggests that marketing in retail stores may also encourage some teenagers to take up vaping. Researchers found that teens who recalled seeing in-store marketing were twice as likely to start vaping over …

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