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Sleep helps memory, right? Not for eyewitnesses

Credit: CC0 Public Domain New research investigating the effect of sleep on eyewitness memory has found that having a period of sleep, compared to a period of wake, does not improve eyewitness identification accuracy. The research team, led by Ph.D. student, David Morgan at Royal Holloway, University of London, Professor …

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How a cellular shuttle helps HIV-1 spread in immune organs

The early event of HIV-1 virus-like particles (shown here in green) spreading in the mouse lymph node. Sinus-lining macrophages (cyan) provide a cell-to-cell contact portal to shuttle HIV-1 particles onto follicular dendritic cells (blue) and HIV-1 reactive B cells (red) in the B cell follicle (marked with wild-type B cells, …

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Reflecting on photos helps young cancer survivors regain confidence

The Framed Portrait Experience intervention integrates therapeutic photography and re-enactment therapy. Credit: University of Houston/Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Young cancer survivors face unique medical and psychosocial challenges that can hinder their ability to move on mentally and socially, even years after their final treatment. Lingering feelings of isolation …

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Stem cell therapy helps broken hearts heal in unexpected way

In this microscopic histology image, macrophage immune cells (shown in red and green) flock to the injured region of a damaged mouse heart three days after researchers injected adult heart stem cells within the yellow dotted area. Researchers report Nov. 27 in Nature that stem cell therapy helps hearts recover …

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Immediate treatment with antiretroviral therapy helps infants with HIV

Scanning electromicrograph of an HIV-infected T cell. Credit: NIAID HIV infection among infants remains an enormous global health challenge. Each day, 300 to 500 infants in sub-Saharan Africa become infected with the virus. HIV progresses much faster in infants than in adults because of their weaker immune systems. While antiretroviral …

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Mental health program helps teens recognise and support peers at risk

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A novel mental health program improves teenagers’ ability to recognise and support friends who might be at risk of suicide, according to new research. University of Melbourne researchers have evaluated the impact of teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) – a universal mental health literacy program …

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