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Vaping less harmful than smoking for vascular health, major study finds

Professor Jacob George, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics at Dundee and Chief Investigator of the VESUVIUS trial. Credit: Dominic Glasgow / University of Dundee Cigarette smokers who switch to nicotine containing vaporisers could significantly improve their vascular health, a major University of Dundee study has concluded. A two-year trial …

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Doctors give electronic health records an ‘F’

Usability ratings for everyday products measured with the System Usability Scale. Google: 93%; microwave: 87%; ATM: 82%; Amazon: 82%; Microsoft Word: 76%; digital video recorder: 74%; global positioning system: 71%; Microsoft Excel: 57%; electronic health records: 45%. Credit: Michael S. Helfenbein The transition to electronic health records (EHRs) was supposed to …

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Can ‘smart toilets’ be the next health data wellspring?

Graphic illustrates how an integrated “smart toilet” system might work as a real-time method of monitoring health. While the application may be years away, proof of principle is being developed in the lab of Professor Joshua Coon. Credit: Dasom (Somi) Hwang, Joshua Coon Lab at the UW-Madison Department of Biomolecular …

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Government should address climate change, health and taxes as one issue

Protecting our climate will protect health, and implementing evidence-based policies that consider action to meet targets on global warming, the economy, taxes and health together should be a priority for Canada’s government, argues an editorial in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). “Canadians, assisted by the media, appear to think that …

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Arts ‘crucial’ to reducing poor health and inequality

Engaging in artistic activities such as singing and dancing from a young age can reduce social inequalities and encourage healthy behaviours, according to a new report from UCL and the World Health Organisation (WHO). The study, published today, is the world’s largest review to date into the health benefits of …

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