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Vaping may have similar effects to smoking on harmful lung bacteria

Credit: CC0 Public Domain E-cigarette vapor may have similar effects to cigarette smoke on bacteria associated with smoking-related illness such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, according to a study published in Respiratory Research. Although e-cigarettes are perceived as a safer alternative to cigarettes, recent research has suggested …

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Newborn immune system detects harmful skin bacteria

Bacteria (green dots) along the skin surface (dashed white line) and being taken up by skin immune cells (red). Credit: Scharschmidt Lab, UCSF The immune system must learn from early in life to tolerate bacteria that normally populate healthy skin, while still defending against more dangerous “bugs,” but how immune …

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Vaping less harmful than smoking for vascular health, major study finds

Professor Jacob George, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine and Therapeutics at Dundee and Chief Investigator of the VESUVIUS trial. Credit: Dominic Glasgow / University of Dundee Cigarette smokers who switch to nicotine containing vaporisers could significantly improve their vascular health, a major University of Dundee study has concluded. A two-year trial …

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Links between teenage anxiety and later harmful drinking

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers at the University of Bristol have found evidence of an association between generalized anxiety disorder at age 18 and harmful drinking three years later, thanks to the long-term health study Children of the 90s. The study, published today in Drug and Alcohol Dependence at the …

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Is using cannabis in front of children harmful or not?

Credit: Shutterstock Public health agencies are warning parents about using cannabis in the presence of their children. However, parents who use cannabis say that it makes them more empathetic, more patient and more caring towards their young ones. What is really going on? One year after the legalization of cannabis …

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Use of antibiotics in preemies has lasting, potentially harmful effects

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Nearly all premature babies receive antibiotics in their first weeks of life to ward off or treat potentially deadly bacterial infections. Such drugs are lifesavers, but they also cause long-lasting collateral damage to the developing microbial communities in the babies’ intestinal tracts, according to research from …

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Parental burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for parent and child

Credit: CC0 Public Domain When the daily stress of parenting becomes chronic it can turn into parental burnout, an intense exhaustion that leads parents to feel detached from their children and unsure of their parenting abilities, according to research published in Clinical Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for …

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