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Why your child isn’t sleeping—and how to fix it

Study: Why your child isn’t sleeping – and how to fix it

Why your child isn’t sleeping—and how to fix it Why your child isn’t sleeping—and how to fix it Drawing on data from almost 500 studies, Western sleep researcher Adam Newton cracked open some of the most puzzling questions of child insomnia. Credit: Western News Some of you might be exhausted …

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Is intermittent fasting a quick fix?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain One of the latest diet trends is intermittent fasting. There are two common approaches to fasting. One is to eat few calories on certain days and then eat normally the rest of the time. The other involves eating only during certain hours and skipping meals for …

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Medicare for All needed to fix ‘ill’ U.S. healthcare system

The American College of Physicians (ACP) says the U.S. health care system “is ill and needs a bold new prescription” that includes coverage for all Americans and lower costs. The 141,000-member group endorsed two proposals being discussed by Democratic presidential candidates: a government-operated single-payer system that would cover everyone or …

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The mental health crisis on campus and how colleges can fix it

Campus counseling centers are seeing an influx of students seeking help with mental health issues. Credit: Motortion/Shutterstock.com When college students seek help for a mental health issue on campus—something they are doing more often—the place they usually go is the college counseling center. But while the stigma of seeking mental …

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