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SARS lessons hang over China’s fight against new virus

Credit: CC0 Public Domain China’s lockdown of an entire city to contain a virus outbreak stands in contrast to its handling of the deadly SARS crisis two decades ago, when it was criticised for being secretive and indecisive. The new virus has killed 17 and infected more than 500 other …

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Pakistan says Facebook to help in fight against polio

A Pakistani health worker administers polio drops to a child at a railway station during a polio vaccination campaign in Lahore in November 2019 Pakistan says Facebook will help the country in its fight against polio after authorities blamed anti-vaccine content posted last year on the social network site for …

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Scientists find powerhouses that fight tumours from within

Killer T cells surround a cancer cell. Credit: NIH Lurking deep inside some tumours are “factories” full of immune cells that help the body fight a rearguard action against cancer and are key to helping some patients recover, new research shows. In recent years doctors have turned to a new …

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Study aids fight against HIV, hepatitis B

Professor Zucai Suo of the FSU College of Medicine. His research has established the mechanism responsible for how two widely used antiviral drugs inhibit viruses, which could create more treatment options for patients with HIV or hepatitis B. Credit: Colin Hackley/Florida State University College of Medicine A discovery by Florida …

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Could fish oil fight inflammation?

Shana Novak/DigitalVision, Getty Images Plentiful in foods like fish and flaxseed, omega-3 fatty acids have long been linked with cardiovascular health, and new research is looking at the biology behind how it might work. A study published Thursday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation Research found fish oil supplements …

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Eating more ketones may fight against Alzheimer’s disease

Decreased levels of SIRT3 triggers loss of interneurons in Alzheimer’s disease mouse models. Credit: Cheng et al., JNeurosci 2019. A ketone-supplemented diet may protect neurons from death during the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research in mice recently published in JNeurosci. Early in the development of Alzheimer’s disease, the …

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