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Bioethics expert calls for research into genetically modified babies

Credit: University of Abertay Dundee The creation of genetically modified babies is not only ethically justifiable but “highly desirable,” according to academic research from a leading UK bioethicist. Dr. Kevin Smith from Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, published ethical analysis concluding that the risks of gene editing are now low …

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an expert reviews the latest craze in Silicon Valley

It’s the latest fad in Silicon Valley. By reducing the brain’s feel-good chemical known as dopamine—cutting back on things like food, sex, alcohol, social media and technology – followers believe that they can “reset” the brain to be more effective and appreciate simple things more easily. Some even go so …

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AI rivals expert radiologists at detecting brain hemorrhages

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An algorithm developed by scientists at UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley did better than two out of four expert radiologists at finding tiny brain hemorrhages in head scans—an advance that one day may help doctors treat patients with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), strokes and aneurysms. …

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Expert explains why there will be no designer babies in the near future

Stefan Mundlos conducts research into rare bone diseases triggered by altered genes. Credit: Edgar Zippel The first genetically modified humans were born in China in 2018. Now scientists and politicians in Russia are discussing whether using CRISPR/Cas9 to edit the genome of human embryos should be permitted. Stefan Mundlos, of …

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Expert feedback improves antibiotic prescribing decisions in paediatrics

Credit: CC0 Public Domain An interdisciplinary study led by Professor Daniel Wiesen from the University of Cologne’s Department of Business Administration and Health Care Management showed that expert feedback leads to more appropriate antibiotic therapy decisions. A central result of the study is that physicians in an early stage of …

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