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WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a ‘serious breach of international ethical standards’

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A large scale malaria vaccine study led by the World Health Organization (WHO) has been criticised by a leading bioethicist for committing a “serious breach” of international ethical standards, finds a special report published by The BMJ today. The cluster randomised study in Africa is already …

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Neural-digital interface advances raise ethical and social issues

Human-machine interfaces raise important ethical and social issues. These technological innovations have the potential to restore, alter, or enhance cognitive or physical function in humans, but also may exacerbate existing social tensions around equality, identity, security, privacy, and access. A roundtable comprising researchers, ethicists, and an individual technology user will …

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Neuroscientists call for an ethical framework for transplanting human ‘mini-brains’ into animals

Credit: CC0 Public Domain As research involving the transplantation of human “mini-brains”—known as brain organoids—into animals to study disease continues to expand, so do the ethical debates around the practice. One concern is the possibility, however minute, that the grafted organoids may one day induce a level of consciousness in …

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