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Men and women aren’t equal when it comes to concussion

Women athletes are twice as likely as men to get concussed—and the effects are more severe. But with research focusing mainly on men, what can we do to make sure women with concussion aren’t left behind? Few sports are as fast and furious as roller derby. The hour-long game unfolds …

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Concussion recovery not clear cut for children

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Sleep problems, fatigue and attention difficulties in the weeks after a child’s concussion injury could be a sign of reduced brain function and decreased grey matter. Researchers from The University of Queensland have studied persistent concussion symptoms and their link to poorer recovery outcomes in children. …

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Study calls for forensic nursing exams to include concussion evaluation

Jonathan Lifshitz, PhD, collaborating with colleagues. Credit: Sun Czar Belous, UA Media Productions. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are not evaluated during standard forensic nursing exams following a domestic violence assault, strangulation or rape. But researchers at the University of Arizona College of Medicine—Phoenix say adding neurologic tests to current protocols …

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Female athletes seek specialty care for concussion later than males

Female athletes seek specialty medical treatment later than male athletes for sports-related concussions (SRC), and this delay may cause them to experience more symptoms and longer recoveries. Researchers from the Sports Medicine Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), reported these findings after analyzing electronic health records of sports participants …

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Concussion risk is higher in female athletes

Credit: CC0 Public Domain With schools starting back for the year, many young athletes are returning to sports—and with that comes the possibility of injuries, including concussions. Sport-related concussions are often recognized as a health issue in football. However, athletes in nearly all sports are susceptible to these injuries, and …

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Insomnia treatment linked to faster recovery from concussion in kids

By improving sleep, research shows that post-concussion symptoms in adolescents may also get better. Credit: Shutterstock Active kids sustain injuries. It is estimated that every year more than 100,000 Canadian children and adolescents get a concussion while participating in normal childhood activities, like sports and play. Most kids return to …

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