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Do some children really hear 30 million more words than others?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The concept that children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds start out at a learning disadvantage because they hear fewer words than children from higher socioeconomic backgrounds—a so-called 30 million-word gap—should be explored with more detail, says a Purdue University social scientist and researcher. David Purpura, an associate …

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Charting immune system development in sub-Saharan African children

Illustration representing the research which analysed the composition of the immune system in children in sub-Saharan Africa. Credit: Dr Natalia Guimaraes Sampaio for the Babraham Institute. In an effort to boost vaccination efficiency in children at most risk of infectious disease, a global team of researchers has performed an in-depth …

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Measles vaccine group targets 45 million children

Vaccine group Gavi said on Tuesday it would help to innoculate up to 45 million children in countries in Asia and Africa over the next six months. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, will work with governments and groups including the World Health Organization and UNICEF to target children under five years …

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Self-care linked to greater confidence in parents of children with FASD

Most-used strategies for self-care. Credit: University of Rochester researchers Children diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD)—caused by prenatal alcohol exposure—often face lifelong developmental, cognitive and behavioral problems. Without the right support they are at high risk of mental health disorders and other life problems. Affecting around 2 to 5 …

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Intervention shows promise for building social communication in children with multiple disabilities

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A recent study by Christine Holyfield, assistant professor of communication disorders at the University of Arkansas, provides new clinical and educational insight into supporting school-age children with multiple disabilities. The study was published in the journal Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Many children with multiple disabilities—children experiencing …

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Study reveals young children prefer to learn from confident people

Cartoon depictions of the experimental procedures used in Birch, S.A.J., Severson, R. & Baimel, A. (2020). Children’s understanding of when a person’s confidence and hesitancy is a cue to their credibility. Credit: Artwork courtesy of Charlotte Stewardson. At a time when scams seem all around us and fake news appears …

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