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Are antibiotics a recipe for obesity in childhood?

(HealthDay)—Children who receive multiple antibiotic prescriptions early in life may be vulnerable to obesity, two new studies suggest. In one study, researchers found that 4-year-olds who’d received more than nine antibiotic prescriptions in their lives were twice as likely to be obese as their peers with no antibiotic exposure. The …

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Study examines childhood weight and obesity in adolescence

Excess weight at age 3 years was associated with a higher risk of being overweight or obese at age 15 years in a study of adolescents in Japan. In the Pediatric Obesity study of 1,581 mother-child pairs, pre-pregnancy overweight/obesity in mothers was also a strong predictor of overweight/obesity at age …

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Evidence grows for iron deficiency screening in childhood

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Two recent studies from the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children are adding to mounting evidence that Canadians would benefit from more screening for iron deficiency in early childhood. One study details the known association between iron levels and cognitive function, and identifies …

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Smart algorithm finds possible future treatment for childhood cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Using a computer algorithm, scientists at Uppsala University have identified a promising new treatment for neuroblastoma. This form of cancer in children, which occurs in specialized nerve cells in the sympathetic nervous system, may be life-threatening. In the long term the discovery, described in the latest …

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New study unravels the complexity of childhood obesity

Credit: CC0 Public Domain The World Health Organization has estimated more than 340 million children and adolescents ages 5-19 are overweight or obese, and the epidemic has been linked to more deaths worldwide than those caused by being underweight. The Centers for Disease Control recently reported an estimated 1 in …

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Survivors of childhood cancers at risk for shortened life span

(HealthDay)—Survivors of childhood cancer remain at risk for shorter life spans, especially when they receive radiotherapy, according to a study published online Jan. 2 in JAMA Oncology. Jennifer M. Yeh, Ph.D., from the Harvard Medical School in Boston, and colleagues conducted a microsimulation model of competing mortality risks using data …

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Scientists discover a new mechanism in childhood kidney cancer

In a developing kidney, a mutant reader protein ENL gives rise to tumor-like structures. Credit: Laboratory of Chromatin Biology and Epigenetics at The Rockefeller University As an embryo develops, its cells must learn what to do with the thousands of genes they’ve been equipped with. That’s why each cell comes …

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