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Most of the nation’s teens aren’t getting enough exercise

Most of the nation's teens aren't getting enough exercise 1

John Lamb/The Image Bank, Getty Images With the explosion of smartphones, teens have learned to swiftly scroll and type away using only their thumbs. But the rest of their bodies are woefully inactive—and the effects are far-reaching. Only about 1 in 4 high school students get the recommended hour a …

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    Why health experts aren’t warning about coronavirus in food

    Why health experts aren't warning about coronavirus in food 3

    A worker, wearing a protective mask and gloves against the COVID-19 coronavirus, stocks produce before the opening of Gus’s Community Market, Friday, March 27, 2020, in San Francisco. Health experts say there’s no evidence the new coronavirus is spread through food. That’s because organisms take different biological paths to sicken …

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      Gun owners aren’t happier, don’t sleep better at night

      Gun owners aren't happier, don't sleep better at night 5

      Credit: CC0 Public Domain Despite claims that owning a gun makes a person feel safer and sleep easier, gun owners don’t actually sleep any better than non-gun owners, according to a new study by University of Arizona researcher Terrence Hill. Gun owners also aren’t any happier than those who don’t …

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        Parents aren’t powerless when it comes to sleep-deprived teenagers

        Parents aren't powerless when it comes to sleep-deprived teenagers 7

        Source: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), whose sleep recommendations for sleep duration for children and adolescents are based on the findings of 13 sleep experts who reviewed 864 scientific articles. Credit: University of Rochester illustration/Michael Osadciw Teenagers in the US simply don’t get enough shut eye. The consequences …

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