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New study shines light on genetic risk factors for high alcohol intake

Image representing investigation into population-level drinking. Credit: Blush Limited A new study, published in Science Advances, identifies genes associated with high alcohol intake. Alcohol consumption is associated with many diseases, with the risk of these co-morbidities generally increasing with greater exposure. Excessive consumption of alcohol is considered a result of …

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Alcohol tax reform needed

Credit: CC0 Public Domain La Trobe University researchers have found introducing a minimum unit price (MUP) of $1.30 per standard drink across Australia could dramatically reduce alcohol consumption. Such a policy, already proven successful in Canada and Eastern Europe, could reduce drinking in Australia by 1.5 standard drinks per week …

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Light alcohol consumption linked to cancer

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Bad news for folks looking to continue indulging this holiday season. A recent Japanese study found that light to moderate drinking increases the risk of cancer. Cancer, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, published the findings. Masayoshi Zaitsu, Ph.D., led the study. It analyzed …

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Pattern of heavy alcohol drinking may damage heart tissue

Human heart. Credit: copyright American Heart Association A pattern of harmful alcohol consumption, or heavy drinking, increases level of blood biomarkers indicating heart tissue damage, according to new research published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the open access journal of the American Heart Association. While previous …

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Cap your alcohol at 10 drinks a week: New draft guidelines

Further evidence about the harms of alcohol has accumulated over the past decade since the last guidelines were released. Credit: Syda Productions/Shtterstock New draft alcohol guidelines, released today, recommend healthy Australian women and men drink no more than ten standard drinks a week and no more than four on any …

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