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What Dietitians Recommend Eating to Lose Weight (Safely)

Weight loss, healthy living, and a balanced diet are always going to be trendy topics, but amidst all the fad diet trends and the latest health-food craze, how are you supposed to know what’s actually good to eat and what’s not? While the equation for losing weight may be relatively simple (eat less, move more) this can get way more complicated and confusing for novice (or even experienced) health nuts when you start learning about the pros and cons of certain foods, workouts, and lifestyles.

Here are some extremely simple ingredients, however, that professional dietitians suggest you add to your diet in order to certainly shed off those annoying extra pounds–and keep them off (1).

8 Superfoods You Need to Eat to Lose Weight


The beneficial vitamins and minerals in these berries are seemingly innumerable, but the most valuable contribution is the ursolic acid, which works wonders for muscle growth and fat burning (1, 2). Ursolic acid helps the weight-loss process by accelerating your metabolism and promoting muscle growth, which means you’ll lose fat quickly.Additionally, cranberries are a natural antibiotic which your body can store for a long time, which means they’ll help your immune system ward off infection (1). They can be eaten fresh, cooked, or dried, and about a handful per day is a decent serving (1).

Chia seeds

These are extraordinarily high in Omega-3 fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates (3). Chia seeds expand in size by 12 times when they come into contact with water, turning into a form of jelly, so one pinch of chia seeds can end up satisfying your hunger for a long time (3). As a jelly, chia seeds from a wall of mucus around the edges of the stomach, causing the carbohydrates to be absorbed slower, letting you be hungry less frequently (1).


This is arguably one of the most nutritious and hearty fruits in the entire world (4). High in amino acids, monounsaturated and oleic fatty acids, vitamin B, and antioxidant properties, avocados are beneficial in increasing the metabolism and reducing abdominal fat (1).

Wheat germ

Unlike your typical wheat, wheat germ actually contains a wide range of essential nutrients and a whole lot of fiber (5). It’s easy to add to smoothies, cereals, yogurts, and other recipes in order to boost your fiber intake, which helps you remain full longer (1).


This is a good source of low GI carbs. Lentils are digested slowly and rich in plant-based proteins. Vegetarians and vegans often replace the protein they’d normally get from meats with lentils (1).


This food is extremely low in calories and yet surprisingly high in fiber (1). The fiber in broccoli absorbs water, expanding so that you’re able to feel full for longer, and ultimately slowing down your digestion.

Oily fish

Be it salmon, tuna, or sardines, you want to get fish high in Omega-3 (1). These will help process sugars and fats much more efficiently.


These are commonly known as a superfood (1). High in protein, filled with essential vitamins, overflowing with minerals and antioxidants, eggs are a great way to keep your cells healthy (1). Studies have even shown that eating some eggs for breakfast keeps your insulin levels under control, which is the hormone that controls your body’s fat metabolism (6).


Weight loss is always a difficult process. It can be confusing, frustrating and exhausting. Try adding these foods to your regular diet, pick up an exercise routine, and watch those unwanted pounds disappear! Above all else, don’t give up.

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