11 Ordinary Things You Should Never Put On Your Face 1

11 Ordinary Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

11 Ordinary Things You Should Never Put On Your Face 2

Our faces are what makes us unique and different from each other. They are the center of our emotional expression as well as our identity. This is why it is very important to take proper care of our facial skin. In order to preserve your beauty and to avoid damaging your facial skin, you must never put these 11 common products on your face.

1. Shampoo

The hair and face have a very different molecular structure and they require different cleaning methods. The hair needs stronger agents to remove the dirt an oil, however facial cleansers are much milder. The ingredients in shampoos will damage your facial skin and make it dry and flaky. So, when you are washing your hair make sure the shampoo does not touch your face, and if it does, moisturize your skin well.

2. Hair color

While coloring your hair, you need to be extra careful not to let the hair dye touch your face. Hair dyes are loaded with chemicals that can have damaging effects on the facial skin. If you are using hair dye to color your eyebrows, try a different and safer alternative such as tinted brow mascara or vegetable dyes. This way you will prevent skin and eye irritation.

3. Hair serum

Every beauty product targets different body part or area, and if you bought a hair serum it means it is created for the hair only. The ingredients in hair serums might improve your hair quality, however it does not mean that it can also reduce your wrinkles. Hair serums also contain fragrance which can further irritate the skin.

4. Hair spray

Hair spray is commonly used to keep the makeup in place. However, it contains alcohol and lacquers which can dehydrate the skin and make it appear much older. Hair spray can also irritate the skin and cause redness and inflammation.

5. Body lotion

The skin on our face is much different than the skin on the body. Our faces have a very delicate nature and they need products that are mild and gentle. Body lotions can make your face inflamed and extra oily because their main purpose is to hydrate, and not to treat facial skin issues.

6. Foot cream

You may think who in the right mind would think about putting foot cream on their face? However, there are people who do and this is why you should never make this mistake. Foot creams are made to break down and exfoliate dead skin on the feet, they are also very sticky and thick and can really damage your facial skin.

7. Deodorant

If you think that putting deodorant on your face will prevent you from sweating too much, think again. Sweating is a normal process, and if you clog your facial pores by putting deodorant, your facial skin will be unable to breathe thus become more prone to irritation and other skin issues.

8. Nail polish

Nail polish contains chemicals that can severely dehydrate the facial skin. If you want to color your face always use colors that are designed for the facial skin.

9. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a common ingredient in many hair recipes, however it should never be applied on the face. It is acidic and will also make the pores clogged, so don’t even think about getting mayo anywhere near your face.

10. Vegetable shortening

This is a remedy for psoriasis which should only be applied on the body, because it can clog the pores on the face and lead to breakouts.

11. Vinegar

Vinegar is a toner which is rather safe for use, however as it ages it becomes stronger and stronger. Using strong vinegar on the skin will burn it so make sure to buy a proper toner instead of making dangerous experiments with your face.

Your facial skin is much more fragile than you know, so always pay attention to the products you put on your skin. This way you will preserve your beauty and healthy appearance.


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