Why You Should Eat a Banana Every Single Day 1

Why You Should Eat a Banana Every Single Day

Why You Should Eat a Banana Every Single Day 2

It’s not just apples; a banana a day can keep the doctor away.

Bananas sometimes get a bad rap for having lots of calories and carbs, but they’re actually one of the best foods you can choose — both for health and weight management. Eating one a day provides your body with a lot of powerful nutrients, so go ahead and buy a bunch. Keep reading for more about why you should chow down this tropical tree-fruit:

Nutrition Stats

  • 105 calories
  • 27g carbohydrates
  • 1g protein
  • <1g total fat
  • 0g saturated fat
  • 3g fiber
  • 14g sugar
  • 422mg potassium (12% DV)
  • 32mg magnesium (8% DV)
  • 10.3mg vitamin C (17% DV)
  • 0.433mg vitamin B6 (20% DV)

Health Benefits of Bananas

All those vitamins and nutrients can do major good for your body and mind. You’re snacking toward these benefits every time you eat one:

  • Lower blood pressure: The potassium and magnesium in bananas can help decrease this almighty number.
  • A healthier heart: The blood pressure-lowering effects in turn reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Stronger bones: Potassium has been found to protect against osteoporosis, and magnesium plays a part in bone formation.
  • Better digestion: Bananas provide about 12% of your daily fiber needs, promoting regularity.
  • A sharper mind: The vitamin B6 in bananas may help prevent cognitive decline and reduce mood-related symptoms of PMS.

Now that you’ve got the basics, these are the questions (and answers) nutritionists get about bananas all the time:

How many can I eat and what should I eat them with?

About one per day can help you meet your needs for produce and pack some serious health benefits. We love them paired with a source of lean protein and healthy fat; try five fun recipes that we love:

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