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Respiratory diseases

Advice on nutrition and lifestyle:
In the first days of illness (in periods of high temperature and intoxication), caloric intake was reduced to 1600-1800 kcal by restricting carbohydrates (250-270 g), protein (60-70 g) and fat (40-50 g) in combination with frequent meals (6-7 times a day, mostly in liquid or powdered form (fruit and vegetable juices, milk, jelly, fruit drinks, broth, slimy decoctions of cereals and wheat bran).

As the recovery of dietary energy is increased to 2100-2300 kcal

(Increase of up to 120 g protein, fat to 80-90 g of carbohydrates to 300-500 g). Recommended dishes of meat, fish, cheese, eggs, fruits and vegetables.

Increase the amount of foods rich in salts, calcium (milk, cottage cheese, cheese) and the exclusion of foods containing oxalic acid.

Inclusion of foods rich in B vitamins (meat, fish, yeast, a decoction of wheat bran etc.), vitamins C, P, (chokeberry, wild rose, black currant, lemon, etc.), nicotinic acid, vitamin A and beta-carotene.

Restriction of sodium salt to 6-7 grams a day-1chaynaya spoon.

Excluded both cold and very hot drinks and meals, spicy and pickled products, sauces.

INDICATIONS demonstrate how;

– Chronic bronchitis;

– Pneumonia;

– Bronchitis, smoker;

– A tendency to prolonged tracheobronchitis;

– Bronchiectasis;

– Condition after suffering bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough;


– The suppression of inflammatory foci;
– Activation of immunity;
– Restoration of bronchial mucosa;
– Improvement of microcirculation;
– Activation of enzyme systems of the body for sucking mikrospaechnogo process;
– Reduction of the phenomenon of hypoxia;
– Restoration of vitamin and microelement balance;
– Correction of dysbiosis;
– Bracing effect;


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