10 Signs That You May Have HIV Infection

10 Signs That You May Have HIV Infection!


10 Signs That You May Have HIV Infection!

When you fear of being infected with HIV after having an unprotected sex, you should take the test firstly to know if you are positive or not.

There is no better option to know your status but consult a doctor or to go immediately to the nearest testing center for early diagnosis.

For further awareness, here are the warning signs to convince you to get tested as soon as possible:

1. Headache and sore throat

Infections will attack you very easily as your immunity will get weak. You will often feel irritation in your throat and strong headache for many days and even nights.

2. Dry cough

Dry sticky cough will soon remain in your throat.

3. Fever

Fever can be a normal thing. If it escalated into flu or the fever stays for a long time, you have to seek a doctor immediately.

4. Skin rashes

HIV will reflect its infection on your skin in the form of itchy rashes.

5. Weak undesirable nails

Nails get brittle and turns yellow.

6. Aching Muscles

Your legs, back and joints hurt a lot even with usual tasks.

7. Always tired

It will reduce your energy levels and affect your stamina.  In many occasions, you will always feel tired. .

8. Unhealthy Mind

You feel restless all the time and struggle a lot to set focus in your work.

9.  Sweating in evenings

Problems like difficulty to sleep, deep breathing and body sweats in any temperature will affect your sleeping habits.

10. Sudden weight loss

You will lose weight as your appetite will soon be diminished.


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